Social Media Strategies for Businesses

Don’t let social media scare you away! It is imperative that your business is a part of the social media craze. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and many others are all helping your business thrive and succeed –if you allow it to work its magic. While it can be a bit overwhelming with so many sites and so many features, it is possible to learn the ropes and help yourself to the best marketing you can attain. Hiring a social media expert is always the best decision, but if you don’t have this resource available, the following tips can help you considerably.

Know your Audience

Identifying the audience who will occupy the majority of your sales is imperative to success, especially on social media. You should learn the general age, gender, location and hobbies of your audience. Try to put yourself in their shoes and create a product and/or service that exceeds your own expectations. When reaching out to these people on social media, create fun posts that tailor to what they want.

Make your Page Worthwhile

People who follow you or otherwise engage on social media have come looking for information. Whether they want information about a particular topic, a specific product, or something else, when they find it with you it begins building a certain trust that you need to create loyal customers to your brand. Consider adding links to downloadable eBooks to your page, article links, etc. Always make the information that you provide worthwhile to the audience and information that they want to share with others!

Create a Blog

Create a blog, but commit to the blog and update it on a regular basis. As mentioned, people visit your page because they’re looking for information of some sort. When you create a blog you’re giving them a place to go to get the information they desire. Before you start your blog, learn SEO and the right keywords to use to attract more eyes to your page and increase placement within a search engine.

Choose your Channels

There are endless social media channels out there and while it would be ideal to be a part of as many of them as possible, that isn’t a reality. Instead of giving minimal attention to tons of different sites, choose two to three channels and focus your attention on those instead.

Plan & Prepare

It is important that you establish a regular routine for your social media platforms because they can easily become overwhelming otherwise. Planning and preparing ahead of time makes it much easier to win the social media game and develop a large following of loyal clients in the process.

Result-Tracking is Imperative

Tracking the results of your social media campaigns is another key aspect of your success. Look at the ways people are coming to your website. Look at the posts that create the most response and the most shares. Pay attention to keywords that seem to generate interest and attract eyes your way. Once you have this information it is easier to plan a social media strategy that gets you the results that you want and deserve without wasting time on things that aren’t really working in your favor. There are a variety of tools out there that you can use to help you gather the metrics, but choose wisely!

Understand that Change is Okay

Adjusting the tactics that you are using is okay, and probably desirable as the world of social media and SEO change so quickly. Once you can track results it is easier to target what is working for you. The longer that you participate on social media, the easier it will become to familiarize yourself with your audience. You can adjust tactics and techniques with time and always be on the cutting edge of social media!