SEO has Evolved over the Years

SEO once was as simple as ensuring a website was easily indexed by Google search spiders, but in the 12+ years’ of Search Engine Optimization technology, things have certainly taken on a whole new definition. These days SEO requires not only the skills necessary to optimize a website to rank well within the search engine, but also a great amount of focus on written content across multiple boards (website, social media, blogs, etc.)

Why has the face of SEO changed so tremendously over the past few years? Several explanations exist for the evolution of SEO, including:

  • Improved Google crawlers with enhanced understanding of technologies like Java Script and AJAX are designed to help legitimate business providers reach a broader audience and alleviate the bad seeds from the good.
  • Most anyone can incorporate SEO into the scheme of things these days thanks to content management systems with built-in SEO. It is the content that is a bit more difficult to create. The SEO expert comes in to provide this optimized, well-written, informative content.
  • SEO is a multitude of faucets these days and an SEO expert must be proficient in many of them, including social media marketing, blogging, and other platforms.
  • The ultimate job of the SEO expert is to create optimized content along various platforms with a great understanding of each of these techniques.

While the services of an SEO expert has expanded to include far more enhancements and tasks than in the past, these changes can only benefit your brand considerably when you use the services. All good things change and evolve over time, including SEO.  Don’t think of it as SEO any longer, as the skills that an expert provides go far beyond the simple realms of website optimization.